Sustainable home pilot project
The project unfolds on the basis of four parameters taken from energy certificates: energy and water, health and materials. In terms of energy, consumption has been reduced by 65% by adopting solutions such as natural insulation, aerothermal heat pumps connected to underfloor heating and home automation control for efficiency. In terms of water, savings come to 40% thanks to the recycling of shower water for the toilet or the system that prevents cold shower water from being wasted while waiting for the warm water to come through, thus achieving a high degree of comfort.
However, the project is not limited to quantitative aspects. We have created a healthy setting, free from electromagnetic radiation and environmental pollution by means of a geo-environmental study and use of natural materials. To do so, we adopted the philosophy of the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle; and we added one more: use of local, Renewable materials. There is a noteworthy absence of plaster on the walls; instead, we used a natural, locally-sourced material that is industrially processed; and, above all, a hygrothermal material that regulates humidity in the dwelling: clay mortar. In short, a home that is green, comfortable and healthy.
Reformas Sostenibles Barcelona