Project to adapt a room to a physiotherapy center
The old massage center, with almost 100m2, had 3 boxes, useful, but without any comfort light, thermal or acoustic, and a waiting room as large as all three together. Instead of exhausting resources by redistributing the premises, we studied how to apply the essence of Kineo to the space: the person is the protagonist of their recovery, as responsible for their health and quality of life, and the movement is the tool to do it.
Thus, we turn the old oversized access into a space for the user, the children, where rest, move or play, providing free space and soft pavement, ropes and balls. A multipurpose space, almost an extension of the street that invites you to enter, and that, in addition, allows carry out the internal formations thanks to the stands and the projector.
To enhance movement and starting from an asymmetrical room, the diagonal was used to create the dynamism that we needed, applying it to pavements, paint, lights etc.
The entire project was developed following once again the philosophy that Niu Green is, the 4Rs.
- Reduce: the most sustainable thing is what we do not consume, therefore, all marketing is developed with the available items. For example, we hang our bikes in the aisle, in turn providing a bike rack that facilitates sustainable mobility.
- Reuse: basically the entire premises, including the distribution; instead of creating more rooms, we reinvent the spaces we have.
- Recycle: we adapt the existing air conditioning system. Without being the most efficient or comfortable, we can optimize it: we reduce the volume of spaces where we need a greater comfort, the boxes.
- Renewable Materials: we use three-layer pine wood for furniture, grades and others elements. And FSC wood fibers for suspended ceilings. Of course, all paintings are al water with eco stamp.
In short, the proposal, more than a facelift, or a set of additions, I bet on rethinking the space from sustainability, using what we had and adding only what really we needed, and everything, healthy and ecological.